Waldhaus Freiberg







 Freiberg is one of the few towns with a widely complete historic city centre, roughly half of the town is still surrounded by the old town wall.

Especially worth to view is the part around the lower market (Untermarkt) with the Cathedral and the Mining Museum, a lot of little shops and restaurants. Strating here you can walk to the upper market (Obermarkt) or along the town wall.

Some years ago the castle Freudenstein awoke from a deep sleep. After a complete reconstruction and renovation it accomodates now the museum of minerals "Terra Mineralia", which is also for non-mineralogists very interesting.

Freiberg also offers different cultural events. During the last years a cinema and an indoor swimming pool were newly build. But it's also possible to go to the theatre or to listen to (organ-) concarts in the cathedral or the church Nikolaikirche. A good overview over the cultural events you get on the internet-page of the organisation "Freiberger Kultur- und Stadt-Marketing".

Till the beginning of the 1970-ies Freiberg was a centre of silver mining. Traces of that you find in the exhibition mine with its two parts 'Alte Elisabeth' and 'Reiche Zeche'.