Waldhaus Freiberg







Freiberg is situated at the north-eastern periphery of the mountains Erzgebirge, which makes the surrounding interesting with its mountains and hills.

The mountains Erzgebirge offer a large number of opportunities to spend interesting holidays here. Among the mountains also a lot of valleys and some dam reservoirs invite you to hiking- and bicycle-tours.

Because of the (former) mining, the castles and little towns there are a lot of interesting destinations. The Silver Street attests to the former silver mining, which guides through the region. To whom, who likes visiting castles, a visit of the "The must-see Three" - i. e. the castles Augustusburg, Scharfenstein and Lichtenwalde - is recommended. Furthermore there is a great variety of little, not so well-known but nevertheless worth to see other castles.

An impression in "fast motion" you get in the Little Erzgebirge 10 km away, in Oederan.

Freiberg is the capital of the district Mittelsachsen, which borders in the south to Czechia. Near the border, here you find the highest mountain of Saxony and of the mountains Erzgebirge, the Fichtelberg (1214 m).